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Exercise for polyneuropathy

Learn easy to do exercises that you can do at home to improve your mobility, reduce the symptoms of polyneuropathy and prevent falling.

Massage for polyneuropathy

In this article you can learn about a very simple massge technique that can greatly improve the pain in polyneuropathy.


Polyneuropathy and life expectancy

If you are suffering from polyneuropathy, you are probably wondering if it is a disease that makes you die earlier. The answer is: it depends. You will find a lot of answers in this article:

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Can polyneuropathy be cured?

Everyone wonders if their polyneuropathy can be cured. This actually can happen sometimes. And if not there are things you can do to keep the nerve damage from getting worse

Nutrition for polyneuropathy

Nutrition can be crucial in managing polyneuropathy. It depends a lot on the type of polyneuropathy you are suffering from however. You will find a lot of information about nutrition for different types of polyneuropathy in this article.

5 things that help with polyneuropathy

While a lot of people will tell you that there is nothing you can do about polyneuropathy, there actually are things that can help or at least slow the progression of the disease. You will find 5 of them in this article.

Vitamin D and polyneuropathy

Vitamin D is currently in high demand, especially because it has been in the media often due to its effects on health.​

But what about vitamin D and polyneuropathy? Can it really help? Who can actually profit? How great are the effects? What are the risks? How much vitamin D can you take?

Sport and polyneuropathy

Doing exercise helps with a large variety of diseases. For most chronic disease you will find recommendations of exercise in some form or another.​

But what about polyneuropathy? Can nerve damage be improved with exercise? Can exercise keep you stronger even though you have the disease?

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Why does polyneuropathy hurt?

A lot of people who suffer from polyneuropathy have intense pain. Others however feel no pain at all. So why do people with the same disease have such different symptoms, and how can knowing about this help reduce the pain?​

Physiotherapy for

Physiotherapy is crucial to remain mobile and active if you suffer from polyneuropathy. It can also help with the symptoms like pain, tingling and paresthesia. In this article you will find effective methods of physiotherapy and instructions on how to help yourself.

Fatigue and

Many people who suffer from polyneuropathy also suffer from exhaustion and fatigue. Most people are not aware that their tiredness is related to the nerve damage and this connection is rarely adressed. If you suffer from fatigue due to polyneuropathy, you will certainly be interested in knowing what the causes are and what can be done about it.

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